Elephants Visit Thorn Tree Bush Camp

We will forever be known by the tracks we leave behind us!! It is early July and a Sunday afternoon, and we are paid a visit by the older bull elephant of the Dinokeng reserve, "affectionately" known as Charles by land owners. The grapefruit are just about ripe and perfectly yellow in color, on the tree inside the fenced off area of Thorn Tree Bush Camp. Charles the bull elelephant is in the area and can smell the ripening citrus fruit, and decides it is time for his winter treat. He boldly walks up to the electric fence, erected to keep our wild friends including him on their side of the reserve. However Charles has other ideas on this Sunday afternoon. He gives the fence a few smells and touches with his trunk testing the electric power.  Then decides his desire for the fruit is far stronger than his concern for the electric fence, so he just simply moves towards one of the upright poles and uses his right foot to give it a gentle push, bending it sufficiently to
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